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Coming Soon by The Red Jesus

Amparo has recorded french horn for the album “Coming soon” by Red Jesus:


Coming Soon



all music and lyrics by red jesus*

*except “Selfish M.F.” and “(boner track)”, music by red jesus & Jorge Costa, lyrics by red jesus

produced by Jorge Costa*

*except “Born in Mexico”, produced by Jorge Costa & Juan Covarrubias, and “Selfish M.F. – Alt. version”, produced by Tearce “Kizzo” for Ulterior Music Entertainment (U.M.E) & Jorge Costa for Red Cello Productions

co-produced by red jesus

 recorded and mixed by Jorge Costa* at Red Cello Studios & 118 West Studios, Simi Valy, California

*except “María”, mixed by Justin Moshkevich at Igloo Studios, Burbank, California


strings: “Así” and “Buscando a Catalina”, lead vocals: “María”, recorded by Justin Moshkevich at Igloo Studios

additional strings: “Buscando a Catalina” recorded by Mauricio Yazigi at Red Cello Studios

Andrea Velasco recorded by Prabha at Santuario Sónico, Santiago, Chile

Natalia Bernal recorded by Todd Reynolds in N.Y.

orchestration and orchestral programming by Mauricio Yazigi

english lyrics corrections by Leslie Connelly

assistant engineer: Igor Comes


mastered by Robert Hadley at Red Cello Studio



Tim Carmon

hammond: “Así”, “Lupita… vamos a loopear”, “Rabbitman” and “Selfish M.F.”

Carl Verheyen

lead electric guitar: “Así”, “María” and “Selfish M.F.”

Andrea Velasco

lead vocals: “Rey del Kazoo”

Natalia Bernal

lead vocals: “Buscando a Catalina”

Jorge Costa

lead vocals: “María”

back vocals: all tracks

percussion: “Así” and “Rey del Kazoo”



red jesus

lead vocals: all tracks except “María”

drums: all tracks

percussion: all tracks except “Así” and “The room”

additional keyboards & programming: all tracks except “Born in Mexico”, “Selfish M.F.” and “The Room”

luminist garden: “Buscando a Catalina”

psychedelic voices: “Rabbitman”

kazoo: “Rey del Kazoo”

slapped bantar: “(boner track)”

Carl´s wah pedal: “Selfish M.F.”


Juan Covarrubias

rhodes, keyboards, modular synthesizer & Synthi A: all tracks except “The Room”

piano: “Buscando a Catalina”, “Selfish M.F.” and “The Room”

luminist garden: “Buscando a Catalina”

melodica : “Rabbitman”

back vocals: “Born in Mexico”, “Rabbitman” and “Rey del Kazoo”

psychedelic voices: “Rabbitman”

old German kitsch toy: “María”


Johann Frank

electric & acoustic guitars: all tracks except “(boner track)”

cuatro & nylon-string guitar: “Born in Mexico”

bantar: “Selfish M.F.”


Michael Torres

bass: all tracks except “(boner track)”


Amparo Edo Biol 

french horn: “María”


Mariachi Bandido (Arnold Barrera, Leandro García & Ricardo Arzola)

trumpet, guitar, violin & back vocals: “Born in Mexico”


Mysterious great violin player 

violin: “Así” and “Buscando a Catalina”


Tearce Kizzo

additional keyboards & programming: “Selfish M.F. – Alt. version”


Germán & Federico Cancino Costa

kid voices: “Rabbitman”


Listen to “Maria”:



Amparo has recorded french horn for “Stories”, an album by Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra:


JCA Stories



Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra

Amparo Edo Biol French Horn, Group Member
Gary Bohan Group Member, Soloist, Trumpet
Allan Chase Sax (Alto)
Mina Cho Group Member, Piano, Soloist
Natalie Dietrich Group Member, Vibraphone
Forbes Graham Group Member, Soloist, Trumpet
Lillian Helen Graham Cover Art
Luther Gray Drums, Group Member, Soloist
David Harris Composer, Conductor, Editing, Group Member, Producer, Soloist, Trombone
Jim Hobbs Composer, Group Member, Sax (Alto), Soloist
Hiro Honshuku EWI, Flute, Group Member, Soloist
Melanie Howell Group Member, Sax (Baritone), Soloist
Darrell Katz Composer, Layout, Producer
Bill Lowe Group Member, Soloist, Trombone (Bass), Tuba
Taki Masuko Percussion
Alan Mattes Engineer
Ricardo Monzon Group Member, Percussion
Mike Peipman Group Member, Soloist, Trumpet
James Peipon Vibraphone
Bob Pilkington Composer, Editing, Group Member, Soloist, Trombone
Charles Rook Composer
Bob Rusch Producer
Marc Rusch Mastering
Phil Scarff Group Member, Sax (Tenor), Soloist
Warren Senders Composer, Group Member, Voices
Rebecca Shrimpton Group Member, Voices
Alex Smith Bass, Group Member, Soloist
Rick Stone Group Member, Sax (Alto)
Paula Tatarunis Composer
Bruce Thomas Piano, Soloist
Mark Wessel Editing, Mixing
Ben Whiting Sax (Baritone)
Norm Zocher Composer, Group Member, Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Soloist

More information here

To Hell With You

Amparo has recorded french horn for Bleu’s Album “To Hell With You”:


Bleu To Hell With You


strings – The Section Quartet
additional viola – Caroline Buckman
double bass – Nate Light
french horn – Amparo Edo Biol
timpani, snare, bass drum, suspended and crash cymbals, tam tam, triangle and tubular bells – Steve Scott
celesta – Christoph Bull
choir – Bleu, Jess Furman, Nick Goldston, Jason Joseph, Taylor Locke, Crista Russo, Joe Seiders, and Alicia Witt

strings and french horn engineered by David Spreng at The Velveteen Laboratory, Los Feliz, CA, choir engineered by Taylor Locke at The Velveteen Laboratory, Los Feliz, CA, additional engineering by Steve Scott and Bleu

Listen to “Overture”:


Four Elements

Amparo has recorded french horn on Natalie Raedler’s Album “Four Elements”:


Four Elements


Recorded in Boston, USA and Barcelona, Spain, in December ’12 by Javier G.F. Escudero, Albert Clemente and Carles Delgado.
Mixed in L.A. , USA, by Guillermo Marín.
Mastered in Barcelona, Spain by Fran Paredes.
Nathalie Raedler: Vocals, arrangements, production and songwriting
Carles Delgado: Acoustic guitar, string arrangement, varied noise and production,
Víctor Álvarez Carracedo: Drums,
Xabi Oro: Electric guitar,
Pol Barbé: Bass,
Riley Boone: Piano,
Amparo Edo Biol: French Horn,
Marta Roma: Cello,
Carlos Montfort: Violin,
Javier G.F. Escudero,
Guillermo Marín,
Fran Paredes,

More information here

Della by Moonlight

Amparo has performed on the album  “Della by Moonlight” by  Matthew Nicholl and Michael Farquharson:


Della by Moonlight



This album is the result of a collaboration between bassist Michael Farquharson and keyboardist Matthew Nicholl. A follow up to their 2007 album, Silent Picture, this recording features original music for rhythm section, woodwind quintet, and saxophone soloist. Michael and Matthew co-produced the recording and each wrote half of the music. Michael mixed the album. The original art work is by Joe Mola.

Michael Farquharson, fretted and fretless basses, piccolo bass
Matthew Nicholl, piano, keyboards, hand percussion

Greg Badolato, tenor sax
Tim Miller, guitar
Steve Langone, drums

On City Suite and Choro Suite:
Peggy Friedland, flute
Andrea Bonsignore, oboe
Steve Jackson, clarinet
Alyssa Daly, French horn
Margo McGowan, bass clarinet (on City Suite)
Greg Newton, bassoon (on Choro Suite)

On all other tracks:
Burak Besir, flute
Jerilyn Sykes, clarinet
Barbara LaFitte, oboe
Amparo Edo Biol, French horn
Peter Cokkinias, bass clarinet

On Nine Toes
Daniel Ian Smith, alto sax
Ken Cervenka, trumpet
Takuma Anzai, drums

Basic tracks recorded at Mix One, Boston, MA
Engineered by Ted Paduck

City Suite and Choro Suite recorded at Futura Productions
Engineered by John Weston

Additional recording at Playpen Studios, Newton, MA, and CWP studios, Boston, MA
Engineered by Michael Farquharson

Mixed by Michael Farquharson
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer, Maria Rice


More info from cdbaby here


La Orquesta del Titanic

Amparo recorded french horn on “La orquesta del Titanic” by Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Sabina:


La Orquesta del Titanic



Music and Lyrics by Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Sabina

Piano and keyboards: Iván “Melón” Lewis
Drums: Tino di Geraldo
Portuguese, Acoustic and Electric Guitar: Antonio García de Diego
Flamenco and Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, Charango, Keyboards and Zambomba: Javier Limón
Acoustic Guitar: Noé Socha
Bass: Alain Pérez and Charlie Mendes
Contrabass: Reinier Elizarde “Negrón”
Dance and Castanets: Belén López
Percussion: Bandolero and Juan Heredia
Kazoo: Joaquin Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat
Horn: Amparo Edo Biol
Trombone: Santiago Cañada
Soprano Sax: Edmar Colom
Choir: Mara Barros and Lorena Calero

Also collaborated with their voices: Jimena Coronado, Alejandro Sanz, Bélen López, Javier Limón, Salomé Limón, Diego Kokkinos, Matzeos Kokkinos, Gorka Ugarte, Tirso Martín, Julia Martín

Solo guitar by Alejandro Sanz in “Maldito Blues”
Choir collaboration by David Trueba in “Después de los despueses”
Cajon by Antonio Carmona in “Después de los despueses”
Flamenco singing by Sandra Carrasco in “Después de los despueses” and “Idiotas, palizas y calientabraguetas”


Listen to “Idiotas, palizas y calientabraguetas”:


Listen to “Después de los despueses:


Flags and Boxes

Amparo has recorded on  “Flags and Boxes” album by Macedo:

Flags and Boxes by Macedo



Michelle Macedo: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Melissa Macedo: Back-up Vocals
Kush Mody: Piano, Organ, Bass, Guitar, Drums
Kate Mondschein: Drums
Hannah Skinner: Violin
Keith Ukrinsa: Viola
Rosie Samter: Viola
Molly Aaronson: Cello
Andrew Oedel: Guitar
Darby Wolf: Organ
Dan Rehm: Bass
Rosie Gradoville: Cello
Amparo Edo Biol: Horn


Listen to “City Lights”:



Amparo recorded french horn on Grammy-nominated album “Providencia” by Danilo Perez.

Providencia by Danilo Perez


Danilo Pérez: Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes (Cobilla), Percussion (Galactic Panama), Melodica (Providencia)
Ben Street: Bass
Adam Cruz: Drums and Steelpan (Daniela’s Chronicles)
Jamey Haddad: Percussion
Ernesto Diaz: Congas
Rudresh Mahanthappa: Alto Saxophone
Sara Serpa: Voice
Matt Marvuglio: Flute
Barbara Laffitte: Oboe
Amparo Edo Biol: French Horn
Margaret Phillips: Bassoon
José Benito Meza Torres: Clarinet

Executive Producer: Gretchen Valade
Produced by Danilo Pérez and Al Pryor
Production Manager: Will Wakefield
Recorded at: WBGH Fraser Recording Studios – Boston, MA Tracking Engineers: Robert Griffin, Antonio Oliart Studio Manager: Thomas Devlin

Mixed at: WBGH Fraser Recording Studios – Boston, MA Mix Engineer: Antonio Oliart
Mastered at: Battery Studios
Mastering Engineer: Mark Wilder

Photography, Art Direction, Design + Panama Painting:
Photo Assistant: John Peace
Creative Direction: Randall Kennedy
Creative Services + Production: Maria Ehrenreich



Danilo Perez  talks about the CD:


Listen to “Bridge of Life”, part 1


Listen to “Bridge of Life”, part 2