Coming Soon by The Red Jesus

Amparo has recorded french horn for the album “Coming soon” by Red Jesus:


Coming Soon



all music and lyrics by red jesus*

*except “Selfish M.F.” and “(boner track)”, music by red jesus & Jorge Costa, lyrics by red jesus

produced by Jorge Costa*

*except “Born in Mexico”, produced by Jorge Costa & Juan Covarrubias, and “Selfish M.F. – Alt. version”, produced by Tearce “Kizzo” for Ulterior Music Entertainment (U.M.E) & Jorge Costa for Red Cello Productions

co-produced by red jesus

 recorded and mixed by Jorge Costa* at Red Cello Studios & 118 West Studios, Simi Valy, California

*except “María”, mixed by Justin Moshkevich at Igloo Studios, Burbank, California


strings: “Así” and “Buscando a Catalina”, lead vocals: “María”, recorded by Justin Moshkevich at Igloo Studios

additional strings: “Buscando a Catalina” recorded by Mauricio Yazigi at Red Cello Studios

Andrea Velasco recorded by Prabha at Santuario Sónico, Santiago, Chile

Natalia Bernal recorded by Todd Reynolds in N.Y.

orchestration and orchestral programming by Mauricio Yazigi

english lyrics corrections by Leslie Connelly

assistant engineer: Igor Comes


mastered by Robert Hadley at Red Cello Studio



Tim Carmon

hammond: “Así”, “Lupita… vamos a loopear”, “Rabbitman” and “Selfish M.F.”

Carl Verheyen

lead electric guitar: “Así”, “María” and “Selfish M.F.”

Andrea Velasco

lead vocals: “Rey del Kazoo”

Natalia Bernal

lead vocals: “Buscando a Catalina”

Jorge Costa

lead vocals: “María”

back vocals: all tracks

percussion: “Así” and “Rey del Kazoo”



red jesus

lead vocals: all tracks except “María”

drums: all tracks

percussion: all tracks except “Así” and “The room”

additional keyboards & programming: all tracks except “Born in Mexico”, “Selfish M.F.” and “The Room”

luminist garden: “Buscando a Catalina”

psychedelic voices: “Rabbitman”

kazoo: “Rey del Kazoo”

slapped bantar: “(boner track)”

Carl´s wah pedal: “Selfish M.F.”


Juan Covarrubias

rhodes, keyboards, modular synthesizer & Synthi A: all tracks except “The Room”

piano: “Buscando a Catalina”, “Selfish M.F.” and “The Room”

luminist garden: “Buscando a Catalina”

melodica : “Rabbitman”

back vocals: “Born in Mexico”, “Rabbitman” and “Rey del Kazoo”

psychedelic voices: “Rabbitman”

old German kitsch toy: “María”


Johann Frank

electric & acoustic guitars: all tracks except “(boner track)”

cuatro & nylon-string guitar: “Born in Mexico”

bantar: “Selfish M.F.”


Michael Torres

bass: all tracks except “(boner track)”


Amparo Edo Biol 

french horn: “María”


Mariachi Bandido (Arnold Barrera, Leandro García & Ricardo Arzola)

trumpet, guitar, violin & back vocals: “Born in Mexico”


Mysterious great violin player 

violin: “Así” and “Buscando a Catalina”


Tearce Kizzo

additional keyboards & programming: “Selfish M.F. – Alt. version”


Germán & Federico Cancino Costa

kid voices: “Rabbitman”


Listen to “Maria”: